Monday, 24 December 2012


Hey everyone, Lucy won't be back for Santa Tracking this evening so we've decided to finish up posting !
Grace may be back online later, She doesn't know, but we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and that it's all you've hoped for ! xx

Lucy <3
Grace x

Requests for Games !!!

Hey everyone - Grace here !
Santa's in Beijing right now and Lucy's taking a well earned break !
When she comes back, I think it would be fun to play a game or something.
So comment here or on my blog with the game you want to play !

Grace x

Grace is gone :( for now!

so grace and her whole neighbourhood have lost their electricity due to bad weather soher blog will be out of order till later on
you can use my blog until hers comes back but at around 2.30 i have to go for a while im so sorry!
        Lucy  <3

Games #1 : What's Your Elf Name

Hey everyone we found this photo on Facebook and decided to make it into a game

Grace is Merry Plum-Pants
and Lucy is Twinkle Sparkle Toe

keep tracking with us

Norad Tracks Santa 2012 (Grace here.)

North pole- santa sees some ships, is it the U.S navy?

Santa is heading for
Novoye Chaplino, Russiain 2mins!

Santa is heading for
Bilibino, Russia

Santa is heading for
Yelizovo, Russia

Santa is heading for
Tarawa, Kiribati

Santa is heading for
Funafuti, Tuvalu

Santa is heading for
Tongatapu, Tonga

Santa is heading for
Auckland, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Gisborne, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Wellington, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Christchurch, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Chatham Island, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Santa is heading for
Nouméa, New Caledonia

Santa is heading for
Suva, Fiji


Thanks Lucy for letting me use your updates !
And for covering !

Santa is in Vanuata

Santa is in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Auki, Solomon Islands

ALMOST LIFT OFF!!!! (lucy)

North Pole - Santa's House - Santa wakes from a restful sleep

North Pole - Santa's House - Mrs Claus prepares a hearty meal

North Pole - Under mistletoe - Santa kisses Mrs. Claus

North Pole - Post office - Santa checks for last-minute letters

North Pole - Santa's Office - Toy production status brief

North Pole - Toy factory - Elf briefing

North Pole - Clock Tower - Santa checks the time

North Pole - Santa's Village - Santa chats with Frosty the Snowman (I sang that bit !)

North Pole - Clock Tower - Time check

North Pole - Santa's Village - Santa strolls to the reindeer barn

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Reindeer roll call

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Reindeer enjoy Yuletide Powder Meal

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Santa adds a log to the warm fireplace

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Santa reviews flight plan with reindeer

North Pole - Elf House - Elves add finishing touches to gifts for delivery

North Pole - Elf House - Elves cheer as last gift is wrapped

North Pole - Gift Warehouse - All gifts are brought to sleigh-loading dock

North Pole - Clock Tower - Santa checks the time

North Pole - Dressing Room - Mrs. Claus helps Santa with coat and gloves

North Pole - Village Square - Santa gives Yuletide speech to elves

North Pole - Reindeer Area - Rudolph checks his nose flashes OK

North Pole - Sleigh-loading Dock - Elves load Santa's sleigh

North Pole - Sleigh-loading Dock - Elves weigh Santa's sleigh

North Pole - Reindeer Harnessing - Reindeer are safely harnessed to the sleigh

North Pole - Runway - Sleigh is positioned on runway

North Pole - Runway - Santa boards his sleigh


North Pole - Runway - Elves perform final safety check

North Pole - Clock Tower - Santa notices the time is near

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Santa Tracking 2012 PART 1 (Grace !)

Grace is

Good morning everyone ! I'm up and ready and the website is telling me it's five minutes to go ! God I am so excited ! Remember we're using - and you can also track with Google Maps if you have the Patience for your laptop or computer crashing !

Two minutes ! Lucy will be on later but both of us won't be on the whole day. I'll be posting every so often on our collab blog too, but mainly on my own blog. ( !)

North Pole - Santa's House - Santa wakes from a restful sleep for all updates !

Grace x

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hey Lucy and Grace here telling you a few bits of info about Santa Tracking this year

From Lucy's blog -

"hey people!!!! lucy here :D
 so me and grace were talking and we decided what we are going to do for the joint blog ( ) 
we decided grace will do the morning and ill do the after noon (start at around 12) and we'll figure it out from there!
of course i will be on this blog as much as i can but i do have a life! ill be on most of christmas eve but ill be updating as much as possible.
im also going to add some new features before the big launch!

have a look out!
                   Lucy <3""

Hey everyone !

"Me and Lucy ( have been talking about Christmas Eve on Monday and we will be Santa tracking on Christmas Eve this year so here's some facts about this year's Santa Tracking !
  • We use as usual and all Santa updates are copied from there.
  • We've been Santa Tracking on our blogs since we were twelve !
  • We'll be starting at 7am and we've decided it's best for both of us to finish at 5pm because we obviously have family commitments - It's Christmas Eve !!!!
  • Myself and Lucy will be busy during the day and are taking turns.
  • I'm blogging during the morning and stopping at noon.
  • Lucy won't be blogging for alot of the morning and will be blogging during the afternoon starting at noon.
  • We will probably and hopefully blog together towards the end of the afternoon.
  • Lucy will have posts about it Santa tracking and all coming up to Christmas Eve, You can read about it here ~
  •  Lucy will also be doing Stardoll shoutouts during Santa Tracking, She has about this on her blog.
  • I'll be doing follow me around bits on Christmas Eve too.
  • When we are taking turns, We'll also be posting on our collab blog ~"
So that's all the info you need to know and don't forget to check back here on Christmas Eve

 Lucy <3
Grace x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

WEEK 1er : Intro & Christmas Wishlist

Hey everyone !

My name's Grace. And I have a blog Dainty Sprinkles and you should follow it !
Well you don't have to, but yes my name is Grace.
And I am your *very crazy*  Week 1 blogger !
And also, We know our follow button is messed up right now. We don't know what happened to it - We swear, but you don't need a follow button to be cool B-| . Just keep reading.

So the first theme is ...

Ah, It's "Intro and Christmas wishlist".
Ok well I apparently have talk about myself (this is gonna go serioooously off track !) in ten short sentences and write about my dream Christmas or something like that I'm sure.
Ok I can do that.


"Give some facts about yourself in ten short sentences - and no changing sentences afterwards"

Ten short sentences, I can do that (I soooo can't !) 
No changing
Starts now

Hello I'm Grace
I'm Irish
I'm in second year in secondary shool
I love my family my friends blogging my rabbits performing arts people watching Facebook stalking singing Llama songs ok I love alot of things and this short sentence is one big fail.
Don't ask me to catch a ball because I won't catch it
I obsessed with putting flower clips in my hair
Technology has this urge to forget to save everything I do and crash
I've a four year old goldfish and two flying chickens I never talk about I don't know why but who gives two monkeys
I've done a joined blog with Lucy before and that failed when we went into secondary school
Frizz sits on my hair and my hair loves being flat when it's suppose to be curly and I have Christmas braces red and green I mean.
FAIL !!!

Eleven. One sentence off, That's annoying.


"this weeks second theme: whats your perfect christmas???"

Ok this isn't like the other one. Good.
* When saying good pretends to be Facebook grumpy cat."
*~** Randomness ! **~*
Sorry, but I just had to share this it makes me laugh so much !!!

Oh well, I seriously don't know how to write this so I'll just write a list.
A list.


1. I can't wait to not be able to get asleep and then wake up at 6.30am be like "Oh yea I only just got like twenty broken up minutes of sleep. Damnit."

2. I can't wait to eat stuffing, Rocky road cake and chocolate and marzipan ... OK I love Christmas food !!! Especially homemade food my Mam makes for Christmas !

3. I can't wait to Santa Track with Lucy !!!!!!! Christmas Eve = Very fun !

4. I love Christmas shopping and the nice feeling of relief when you get your family a decent present - I went Christmas shopping today !

5. And finally I can't wait to blog over the Christmas holidays - I'm hoping to enter 2013 with one hundred followers ! I'd like to see that 100 followers on my Dashboard.

That's all from me this week and Lucy will be posting some day in the next week or so - She's your Week 2 Blogger !

Grace x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Intro Post !

Hey everyone !

It's Grace here posting the first post on myself and Lucy's new joined / collab blog !
Usually Lucy does the first post, but I got here first this time !!!

So basically it's us two Lucy and Grace blogging on the same blog once in a while !
We're going to take it in turns so for example one week I'd post once or twice and the next week Lucy might only post once. So it's Lucy one week, Me, Grace, The next week.

We already have our own blogs and have blogged together before !
And I'll link the two here below !

Lucy's Santa tracking blog ~

Yes I know we're still doing the blog up and all right now but don't forget to follow !!!

Grace x